Alaska’s secret ice caves

collections: Nature, Area studies
Posted 1 July 2017
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 5 sec.
Mendenhall Glacier is a glacier about 19 kilometre long that is situated in Mendenhall Valley in Southeastern Alaska. The glacier and surrounding landscape are protected as part of the federal recreational area of the Tongass National Forest. If you go deep into the glacier, a view of a truly surrealistic world will be revealed.
Recommended words
adventurous - maceraperest
available - mevcut
breathtaking - nefes kesen
a cave - mağara
to climb - tırmanmak
a destination - hedef
due to - dolayı
a fantasyland - Fantasyland
from the inside - içeriden
give away - bağışlamak
a glacier - buzul
incredible - inanılmaz
an interior - iç
located - yerleştirmek
to melt - eritmek
to recede - vazgeçmek
to remain - kalmak
to require - istemek
to retreat - geri çekilmek
to rise - yükselmek
surreal - gerçeküstü
truly - gerçekten
utterly - tamamen
wonder - şaşkınlık