Posted 26 February 2019
Arnold: If You Jump in a Free-Falling Elevator

Arnold: If You Jump in a Free-Falling Elevator

продолжительность: 2:00
Posted on 26 February 2019
Meet Arnold. In each episode, he becomes a subject of a science experiment intended to illustrate a certain physical effect. Arnold seems to get into trouble at the drop of a hat. This time, he managed to get stuck in an elevator right before a long-awaited date with a girl from the Internet. Will Arnold be able to get out and meet "Baby 94" after all? Find out in this video!
Recommended words
alas - Eyvah!
athletic - atletik
to attach - eklemek
a brake - fren
a cable - kablo
catch on fire - ateş yakmak
clamp down - sıkıştırmak
come true - gerçekleşmek
a counterweight - karşı ağırlık
an elevator - asansör
figure out - halletmek
to increase - artırmak
to jinx - uğursuzluk getirmek
landing - iniş
a motor - motor
otherwise - başka
probability - olasılık
reputation - itibar
simultaneously - aynı anda
to undermine - baltalamak
weightless - ağırlıksız
wreckage - enkaz