Posted 7 March 2017


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Posted on 7 March 2017
Parrotfish is one of the largest coral reef fish. They are so omnivorous that they eat corals and stones together with algae. After coming through the digestive system of these fish, solid food particles turn into fine sand that later forms tropical beaches, which are so attractive for tourists.
Recommended words
alike - benzer şekilde
alluring - çekici
bite through - ısırmak
build up - kurmak
coral - mercan
to descend - inmek
to emerge - çıkmak
to enrich - zenginleştirmek
erosion - erozyon
to feed - beslemek
fine sand - İyi kum
to form - oluşturmak
indiscriminate - gelişigüzel
a jaw - çene
nearly - neredeyse
to nest - yuvaya yerleşmek
over time - fazla mesai
parrotfish - papağan
play a part - rol almak
to produce - üretmek
a quest - arama
a reef - resif
support - desteklemek
to swallow - yutmak
take root - kök salmak
threat - tehdit

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