Coffee and Cigarettes: Somewhere in California
(part 1)

collections: Coffee and Cigarettes
Posted 10 October 2014
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 54 sec.
The episode was shot in 1993. Musicians Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, playing themselves, meet at a bar and smoke a cigarette to celebrate that they quit smoking while talking about music and local bars.
Recommended words
alright - iyi
bang - patlama
boy - erkek
to deliver - vermek
a forties - kırk yaşlarında
generation - nesil
hey - Hey!
humanity - insanlık
to inhale - içine çekmek
to order - sipariş vermek
to overlap - aşmak
a pacifier - emzik
a pileup - zincirleme kaza
to quit - çıkmak
a regard - saygı
a sucker - enayi
a willpower - irade