History of English language: Shakespeare

Posted 25 March 2014
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 5 sec.
In this episode of "The history of English in ten minutes", you are going to be told about the substantial impact made by William Shakespeare on the English language. In the video, you will hear different words and expressions which the linguists think were invented by the famous writer.
Recommended words
an alligator - timsah
an anchovy - hamsi
a crocodile - timsah
cross-dressing - çapraz sargı
expressive - anlamlı
an eyeball - göz küresi
to invent - icat etmek
lackluster - cansız
limitless - sınırsız
plague - veba
to poke - kurcalamak
rich - zengin
a shrift - günah çıkarma
soon - yakında
a trowel - mala
vibrant - canlı