Posted 9 May 2019
The Lost Kingdom of Sudan

The Lost Kingdom of Sudan

продолжительность: 3:4
Posted on 9 May 2019
History, adventure and travelogue combine as Simon Reeve explores three of the world's major rivers: the Nile, Yangtze and Ganges.
When people think of a culture along the Nile in ancient times, they just think of ancient Egypt, but we're in Sudan. There was a major ancient civilization here. Urban, literate, powerful kings that controlled a vast empire in the eighth century, bigger than any empire that had ever been on the Nile before.
Recommended words
to accept - kabul etmek
to achieve - ulaşmak
ancient - eski
a century - yüzyıl
civilization - medeniyet
a claim - talep
to climb - tırmanmak
to contain - içermek
to control - denetlemek
cut out - biçmek
deliberately - kasten
distinct - farklı
an empire - imparatorluk
feeling - duygu
to honour - onurlandırmak
legitimate - meşru
overwhelming - ezici
powerful - güçlü
recently - yeni
to refuse - reddetmek
related - ilgili
religion - din
to share - paylaşmak
urban - kentsel