Love Idioms

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Posted 8 July 2017
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 43 sec.
Lucy is a teacher from the UK. And also she is a cheerful and charming girl. In this video, Lucy will talk about ten popular love and relationship related expressions that natives often use in their speech.
Recommended words
be likely to - muhtemelen
a couple - çift
a date - tarih
double date - ikili buluşma
entire - tüm
exactly - tam olarak
extra - ekstra
film - film çekmek
final - final
get hitched - hitched
get started - Başlamak
a husband - koca
obvious - açık
on the rocks - buzlu
quite - oldukça
set someone up - Birini ayarla
squeeze in - sıkmak
successful - başarılı
tie the knot - ilmek at
warm fuzzy feeling - sıcak bulanık his