Sesame Street: James Marsden & Elmo — Engineer

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Posted 2 March 2018
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 15 sec.
Sesame street is an international educational children's TV programme that has been aired since 1969. In this short video, the actor James Marsden and his friend, Elmo, will talk about and show what the word "engineer" means.
Recommended words
all right - iyi
automatic - otomatik
a block - blok
board - tahta
to build - inşa etmek
design - tasarlamak
empty - boş
to engineer - mühendislik yapmak
got it - anladım
here we go - Hadi!
here you go - Hadi bakalım
to mean - kastetmek
on top of - üstüne
a plate - plaka
to serve - hizmet vermek
a spoon - kaşık
to wish - dilemek
wood - odun
you got it - anladın
you know what - Biliyor musun