Admiral William H. McRaven addresses the graduates
(part three)

collections: William H. McRaven
Posted 5 December 2017
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 26 sec.
William H. McRaven is a retired US Navy admiral. In 2014, admiral McRaven gave a speech at the University of Texas commencement ceremony in Austin. In that speech, he told the graduates about some life rules he acquired during US Navy training.

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Recommended words
to accept - kabul etmek
to allow - izin vermek
belt buckle - Kemer tokası
a drill - matkap
exceptionally - son derece
to fail - başaramamak
from head to toe - tepeden tırnağa
get over - geçirmek
immaculately - tertemiz
in vain - boşuna
inspection - muayene
line up - düzenlemek
not good enough - yeterince iyi değil
perfectly - tamamen
to perform - yapmak
to polish - parlatmak
purpose - amaç
put something into - bir şey koymak
shiny - parlak
a smudge - is lekesi
to starch - kolalamak
to succeed - başarılı olmak
training - eğitim
void of - -sız