One Amazing Day: The Sun’s Energy

Posted 28 July 2018
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Duration of the video: 3 Min. 15 sec.
Sunlight has always been of great importance for humans, but over the course of time, we managed to create an artificial replacement for it allowing us not to wait till morning and not to fear the dark. Our cities are lit 24x7, and we even begin to forget about our connection to nature, that sometimes happens to be right under our noses. It seems that we are not the only ones who make themselves at home here.
Recommended words
be afraid - korkmak
break away - kaçmak
come alive - canlanmak
to create - oluşturmak
daylight - gün ışığı
electrical - elektrik
endless - sonsuz
energy - enerji
firework display - havai fişek gösterisi
to forget - unutmak
grand - büyük
light up - yakmak
magic - büyü
natural - doğal
no longer - artık
of one's own - kendisinin
on a scale - bir ölçüde
on someone's doorstep - birinin kapısına
out of sight - gözden uzak
to power - güç sağlamak
presence - varlık
a raccoon - rakun
rhythm - ritim
sunrise - gündoğumu