Posted 4 February 2018
How to Change Your Mind in English
(part 1)

How to Change Your Mind in English
(part 1)

продолжительность: 3:14
Posted on 4 February 2018
Ali is an English teacher from the UK. In his lessons, he covers topics important for all learners so that it becomes simply unreal to forget something! In this video, Ali will present several ways to say that you have changed your mind or changed the decision made before.
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Recommended words
application - uygulama
to apply - uygulamak
casual - gündelik
change one's mind - fikir değiştirmek
to choose - seçmek
clearly - açıkça
come to think of it - Bunu bir düşün
consideration - önem
conversation - konuşma
decision time - Karar zamanı
ending - son
expression - ifade
hang on - asmak
hold on - beklemek
interested - ilgili
to invite - davet etmek
make a decision - karara varmak
on second thought - ikinci düşünce üzerine
an option - seçenek
to reject - reddetmek
response - yanıt
spice up - süslemek
usually - genellikle
why not - neden olmasın

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