Posted 14 August 2015
Red crabs

Red crabs

продолжительность: 2:11
Posted on 14 August 2015
Every year red crabs come to the Cuban Caribbean coast to lay eggs. Watch this fantastic video from a BBC TV show.
Animals, Ocean
Recommended words
adrift - başıboş
to breathe - nefes almak
to breed - doğurmak
cover - kapak
a crab - yengeç
a creature - yaratık
to emerge - çıkmak
a female - kadın
to hit - vurmak
a hole - delik
larvae - larva
to let - izin vermek
migration - göç
mind - zihin
a pouch - kese
to sweep - süpürmek
tiny - küçücük
to trigger - başlatmak

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