7 things to say if you make a mistake
(part 2)

collections: Simple English
Posted 19 June 2019
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Duration of the video: 3 Min. 38 sec.
We also look at the expressions "by mistake" meaning by accident and "It’s my fault", meaning I accept responsibility. And you’ll see examples of the word fault as a countable and uncountable noun.
Recommended words
to admit - kabul etmek
at fault - kabahatli
blame - suçlama
to check - denetlemek
confidence - güven
correctly - doğru şekilde
to design - tasarlamak
differently - farklı olarak
do again - tekrar yapmak
electrical - elektrik
fantastic - fantastik
fault - hata
go wrong - istenen sonucu vermemek
good luck - iyi şans
make a mistake - yanlış yapmak
meaning - anlam
to mistake - karıştırmak
nervous - sinir
normally - normalde
a pill - hap
responsible - sorumlu
safe - güvenli
spelling - yazım
structural - yapısal
weak - zayıf
yeah, right - evet, doğru