Posted 12 August 2015
Social revolution

Social revolution

продолжительность: 5:10
Posted on 12 August 2015
"Here is a thought for you. What is the greatest computer? MAC? PC? How about the huge mainframe computers they have at NASA? No. You see up here. In our heads. This is the greatest computer."
Human body
Recommended words
charged - yüklü
data - veri
a disruption - bozulma
an emotion - duygu
an empathy - empati
to evolve - gelişmek
feeling - duygu
a firewall - güvenlik duvarı
forward - ileri
huge - dev
an interference - girişim
intimate - samimi
to magnify - büyütmek
pure - saf
a rift - çatlak
to share - paylaşmak
unimaginable - düşünülemez
to urge - zorlamak

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