Posted 17 January 2015
You have a gift

You have a gift

продолжительность: 5:6
Posted on 17 January 2015
Rosa decided to personally thank Jack for saving her. During the conversation, she learns that Jack draws pictures, as a result, she sees him in a different light.
Recommended words
an affair - mesele
annoying - can sıkıcı
a boat - tekne
conversation - konuşma
a deck - güverte
a discretion - takdir
exquisite - nefis
a folk - halk
an inertia - süredurum
kin - akraba
to light - yakmak
misery - sefalet
moth-eaten - güve yemiş
powerless - güçsüz
presumptuous - küstah
to reckon - saymak
rude - kaba
a tumbleweed - çalı
uncouth - kaba
weather - hava

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