The history of FIFA World Cup

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Posted 10 November 2015
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 13 sec.
This is an educational video, in which you are going to learn a few facts about the history of one of the most popular sporting events in the world.
Recommended words
an adversary - düşman
an amateur - amatör
approximately - yaklaşık olarak
a casualty - kaza
come across - karşılaşmak
come in handy - işe yaramak
a competition - rekabet
to divide - bölmek
a fuss - yaygara
get-go - get-go
global reach - Global erişim
to growl - hırlamak
independent - bağımsız
to involve - karıştırmak
location - yer
a match - maç
to participate - katılmak
recognition - tanıma
rule - kural
a separation - ayırma
a star - star
take part - rol almak
a tournament - turnuva
to view - görmek
to win - kazanmak